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What is Cjultra?

Cjultra is a free traffic trading script used by hundreds of webmasters. It saves you time, money and effort.
Check out the Script Info page for more detailed information.

Quick download: Cjultra v2.1 (latest stable version)


Readme file has changed:
- The part about how to add the include code if your mainpage is php and the script is in a subfolder.
- The part about skimming; how to use urls that contain "?" or "&" or "=" in them.

Cjultra v2.1 is out. Check out the info page for the new features.

Message board script has been switched to vBulletin, the best script on the market.
I imported all the accounts, you can use your old logins for the new board.
You can access the old messages on the previous board by clicking here.

Cjultra v2.0.3 is out.

A small problem with the hourly fource routine has been fixed.

Cjultra v2.0.2b is out.

Cjultra message board has opened. Sections include:
General talk, Technical Support, Traffic Trades, Program Annoucements.
See you all there :)